Clinical Psychologists work to promote a person’s adaptation, adjustment, and personal development. A Forensic Psychologist uses techniques founded in clinical psychology to assess damages and claims, help choose juries, or make recommendations on sentencing, judgment, or settlements



Forensic Services Fort LauderdaleDiminished Capacity Evaluations
Diminished capacity, like insanity, are legal definitions as opposed to medical diagnoses. A diminished capacity evaluation attempts to determine whether a defendant had sufficient ability to form the necessary intent to commit a crime or if a mental impairment existed that limited this ability.

Violence Risk Assessments
Violence Risk Assessments use both clinical and actuarial models to determine the threat of violence. Forensic psychologists determine this threat by looking at certain risk factors, conducting specific psychological tests, studying collateral information and understanding personality, symptoms and environmental factors that all play a part in the assessment.

Psychosexual Evaluations
Psychosexual Evaluations use face-to-face in-depth interviews as well as specific testing to assist in determining recidivism among sexual offenders. These evaluations help determine appropriate treatment plans that take into account diagnosis, potential threat to the community, extent of contact with minors or internet use and recommended levels of community supervision. .

Substance Abuse Evaluations
A substance abuse evaluation involves determining which substances are involved and to what extent an individual is suffering from addiction. It includes an in-depth interview, personality tests, specific psychological tests (SASSI-3), behavioral observation and an examination of collateral material.

Neuropsychological Assessments
Neuro-Psychological assessments and evaluation seek to diagnose brain pathology by reviewing the results of imaging techniques and through specific psychological tests. The testing methods used can acquire data about a subject’s cognitive, motor, behavioral, linguistic and executive functioning. Some common neuropsychological assessment tools include intellectual functioning exams, language processing, visuospatial processing and attention/concentration testing. In addition to testing, a neuro-psychological assessment takes into account collateral information, behavioral observations, clinical interview and all available medical, academic and mental health records.

Parenting/Child Custody Evaluations
Parenting and child custody evaluations attempt to assess the skill level of each parent in order to determine which parent will be better suited to care for a child or children in a custody dispute.

Treatment Recommendations
For each of the forensic services offered, a specific treatment recommendation and plan are also given.



Forsenic Psychologist Fort Lauderdale
Domestic Violence
Designed for adults who have demonstrated ineffective problem-solving and coping skills, this program teaches causes of anger, trains in effective de-escalation techniques, provides assertiveness training and stress management, and improves communication skills.

Parenting Skills Training Program
Designed to instruct in safe and nurturing ways to change children’s behavior; to help parents understand child and adolescent developmental stages; to teach appropriate forms of reward and punishment; and to increase positive interaction in the family.

Sexual Addictions Counseling for Adults:
Designed for adults who display inappropriate sexual behaviors, the primary purpose of this program is to control and reduce the incidence of damaging sexual behaviors. The goal of treatment is to teach participants hoe to intervene in and control the sexually addictive or abusive behaviors of their past.

Sexual Offender Treatment (Adults & Adolescents):
Assists clients in taking responsibility for their offending or assaultive behavior; helping them understand their inappropriate behavior; teaching empathy for their victim(s); and developing a non-assaultive lifestyle.

Batterer’s Intervention Program (DCF Approved)
For anyone involved in battering, or ordered to treatment due to any civil or legal domestic violence incident. The program teaches alternative behaviors, challenges myths about domestic violence, and promotes “zero tolerance” of violent behavior.

Parenting Coordinators
Parenting coordination assists divorced/separated parents in implementing shared parenting plans, including visitation, communication, and shared responsibility. The best interest of the child is placed at the forefront, and participants are encouraged to develop a respectful relationship for the child’s sake.

Substance Abuse Treatment
Guides the patient in developing alternative coping strategies to substance abuse. Participants will develop relapse prevention plans, identify relapse triggers, and gain insight into the casualty of their addictive behaviors.

Some of our helpful techniques and forensic services include but are not limited to the following areas of expertise:
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