Onsite Mental Health & Psychology

MHC also offers programs specifically to hundreds of assisted living facilities and Nursing Homes. MHC will come to you! We service the entire state of Florida.

Treatment Team Model is our main approach to serving the needs of your specific population. Each team is led by a licensed clinical psychologist and may include other psychologists, neuropsychologists, post-doctoral fellows and pre-doctoral interns. It is individualized to the needs of your facility. It supports optimal evaluation of your residents’ needs and provides for a range of services. The model also promotes direct and effective communication with your staff, as well as consultation services on site.

Individual psychotherapy involves discussions between the patient and a mental health professional that may focus on current and past problems, experiences, thoughts and feelings. These difficulties, may occur in relationships, activities of daily living, and in familial relationships. In sharing experience with a trained therapist, patients gradually come to understand more about themselves, their problems and, as a result, develop an improved attitude toward staff and others, as well as new skills.

Group therapy is a very effective type of psychotherapy. Individuals facing similar issues meet to discuss their own difficulties and offer support to the other members of the group. Groups also focus on skill building and help to create a positive therapeutic environment in your specific setting. Many types of groups are offered including creative art therapy, cognitive strengthening, coping skills, smoking cessation and many others. Groups can also be developed for your specific patient populations.

Common treatment issues:

Depression and Anxiety
Bipolar Disorder
Medical Issues
Medication Use & Abuse
Loss of Ability
Sexual Dysfunction
Declining Independence
Self-Esteem and Relationship Issues
Family Problems