School Safety Program

Breaching Barriers: Detect. Refer. Prevent. 


Our School Safety Program is evidence-based and created by experts in the mental health field to meet your training needs. It is designed to breach the barriers between educators and mental health professionals, while keeping your educator team safe. In an effort to unburden the educators, we have created an original and scientifically derived program that allows At-Risk youth to be identified more readily via reliable and valid psychological measures developed specifically for the needs of schools due to the escalation of violence and mental illness in our schools.

Our panel of experts (see About) is comprised of Licensed Psychologists specializing in Pediatric and Adolescent Psychology as well as Forensic and Clinical Psychology. These esteemed and seasoned professionals were selected specifically to ensure research and decades of hands on experience come together for a combination that is intended to train your team as succinctly as possible, without creating needless work and time consuming tasks for your school. The goal is to equip your team, protect our students, and bridge the gap between mental health/illness and educators/schools.


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