Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people seek therapy?
Most people seek therapy because certain aspects of their lives are not going as well as they would like them to. They may be experiencing feelings of anxiety or depression, or are having a hard time communicating in their personal relationships or in the work place. They long for relief. Therapy provides a safe environment in which to identify issues and find effective ways of coping with life’s challenges.
What can I expect from my sessions?
When you begin any course of treatment, you can expect to meet with a caring and knowledgeable therapist who will put you and your concerns first. You will work toward your goals with expert guidance each step of the way. Whatever struggles you may be having, psychological counseling can assist you in finding greater clarity and offer practical advice and coping skills to alleviate your suffering. Therapy’s ultimate goal is to help you feel better about yourself, your relationships and your life.
How can I pay for my sessions?
A variety of payment options are available including direct payment, private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. Sliding scale payments are also available for uninsured clients.
How often do I attend and for how long will I be in therapy?
Most clients attend weekly sessions lasting approximately one hour. Your therapist will communicate any additional or alternate session recommendations. The length of time therapy is indicated varies for each client. Some issues can be resolved or alleviated quickly but other issues take longer to identify, clarify and resolve. Therapy is an effective and powerful tool for well-being and many clients find it an integral part of their commitment to self-growth both short-term and long-term.

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